Are your finances flabby? Do you wonder where the money goes? Are you starting to worry about having enough money for retirement?

Like a fitness program, the 20-Day Financial Fix is here to help you get your finances toned and in shape.

Here's what you will have done after "working out" with me for 20 days:
  • Organized all your accounts and create a financial scorecard using convenient online tools
  • Calculated the 3 most important metrics that will help you become financially secure
  • Created a clear plan to get out of debt, start saving and investing, and planning for financial independence
  • Automated your finances so that savings, investments, and bill pay happen "auto-magically"
  • Identified the best books and online resources for learning about personal finance and investing
  • Learned to use helpful online financial tools and calculators to show you how to get from here (debt) to there (financial security)
  • Learned to take full advantage of your 401(k) and other "tax advantaged" accounts
  • Set up an investment strategy that meets your individual needs and risk tolerance
  • Learned the ins and outs of protecting what you've earned 
Starting next Monday, you will begin receiving daily financial exercises. You can expect one a day, Monday through Friday for 4 weeks (20 total).

Like with physical fitness, small bursts of financial hard work will pay off. Sign up below, and let's do this!
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